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Our Approach

There are five steps in our approach:

Step 1: Where are you at today?

Our holistic approach starts by understanding our clients’ current financial situation. We ask for their most recent statements from their investment accounts, bank accounts, retirement accounts, social security benefits, along with any loan, mortgage, or credit card balances. This information allows us to get a better picture of where our clients are at today.

Step 2: Where would you like to be?

We work with our clients to identify and establish their short-term and long-term goals. We then quantify these goals by the monetary amount and frequency of occurrence.

Step 3: What is important to you?

We help our clients prioritize their goals, analyze the feasibility of these goals, and create a customized plan.

Step 4: How are you getting there?

We provide our clients with different routes to achieve their goals, whether it is to increase their retirement savings, adjust their retirement target age, or reallocate their portfolio to different investments. We share the pros and cons of each route and provide our unbiased financial advice.

Step 5: How do you keep yourself on track?

Creating a plan is important, yet following through is even more critical. We proactively reach out to our clients to ensure that they are staying on the right track. We review their financial plan along with their investment allocation, and make adjustments according to changes in their life events.